Hardwood floors are the perfect finishing touch for a newly built home and add value and beauty to existing homes. Hardwood can be installed over a concrete slab or over an existing floor. Our expert team can provide guidance on materials, installation methods, styles and colors to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic. Once you have made your design choices we will source the materials and our expert craftsmen will complete your installation.

Sanding and Finishing


Sanding and finishing can breathe new life into worn hardwood floors. This process can dramatically improve floors which are scratched have minor water damage and/or deep cuts. Strip flooring (3/4" thick) can be professionally sanded and refinished 4 to 6 times. We will start by inspecting your floor that it’s thickness and condition is appropriate for sanding and finishing. After that our experienced team will choose the best methods for the job and work with you to choose a stain. We can work with you to match other flooring or woodwork in your space or help you choose a fresh color to compliment your décor.

The sanding and finishing process:

  • Determine who will move your furniture.

  • Install plastic dust barriers.

  • Locate a 220 outlet or fuse box for power.

  • Sand hardwood floors with three different grits of sandpaper and fiber screens.

  • Apply stain chosen by customer.

  • Apply oil or water based urethanes.

  • Install thresholds and/or shoemolding.

  • Hire cleaning company to clean dust from sanded areas.



We are known for our skills in floor repairs having worked on historical buildings, stately homes, museums, and churches. Whether you need to replace one board or several we go to great lengths to make your repair look seamless. We will identify the correct species and grade of wood, sand if needed and mix a custom stain to blend with the existing floor.